Without interventions that incorporate somatic awareness and movement, many therapeutic approaches are limited in their ability to help clients fully release the impact of traumatic events. In other words, we cannot simply think our way out of traumatic activation. This e-learning course with Dr Arielle Schwartz, which is part of the nscience Somatic Psychology Series, is aimed at psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors across modalities, who are interested in learning how to integrate somatic psychology interventions into their work with clients.

The approaches explained in this e-learning course will allow you to work effectively with clients who have experienced single incident traumatic events or prolonged trauma exposure.

Somatic therapists help clients prepare for trauma reprocessing by developing a readily accessible feeling of safety in the body. In part, this relies upon helping clients recognize their own window of tolerance, a concept that refers to an optimal zone of nervous system arousal where clients are able to respond effectively to their emotions. In addition, this preparatory phase of therapy focuses on helping clients expand their tolerance for affect and sensation. This is especially beneficial in the treatment of PTSD when symptoms involve physiological distress, affect dysregulation or dissociation.

In this experiential e-learning course, we learn how to integrate somatic resources into our therapeutic endeavours, regardless of our primary modalities. Doing so often begins by increasing our ability to observe nonverbal communications in therapy. Using case vignettes and examples, Dr Schwartz guides us to mindfully study embodied relational experiences that emerge during therapy as related to subtle changes in posture, breathing, use of eye contact, movements, use of space and tone of voice. We then learn to guide clients into practices that facilitate a sense of being grounded, empowered and capable of reclaiming a healthy relationship with rest and relaxation.

Specifically, we will:

  • Discuss the theoretical and scientific basis of somatic psychology, particularly looking at a ‘unified approach to Somatic Psychology’ that encapsulates  The Science of Embodiment and Somatic Intelligence
  • Comprehend the physiological impact of stress, trauma, and PTSD
    • Mobilization and Immobilization
    • Dysregulation and Dissociation
    • Why working in the Window of Tolerance is essential to successful trauma therapy
  • Engage practical mind-body therapy tools that help clients feel resourced and prepared for trauma processing:
    • Somatic Vocabulary
    • Grounding
    • Postural awareness
    • Proximity Awareness
    • Boundary Development
    • Empowerment
    • Body Mapping
    • Build Affect and Sensation Tolerance
  • Learn how to help clients build affect and sensation tolerance in preparation for trauma processing
  • Work effectively with Affect and arousal regulation in trauma therapy:
    • Mutual regulation and co-regulation
    • Tracking nonverbal communications

CPD Hours: 4

Ticket prices:

Individual ticket for 2 year access: £56

(note: if you face any problems booking online, please call us at 020 7096 1722)