EGCP was developed by Una McCluskey based on her research which showed that the offer to treat aroused dynamics of attachment in both the therapist (caregiver) and the client (care seeker). Based on this observation, she developed the model as  an effective psychotherapeutic / counselling practice centred on a ‘dynamic, interactive and instinctive goal-corrected process’ – the methodology enables the provision of an exploratory space where the client can:

  • Identify the different aspects of themselves that are aroused in the here and now and
  • Interact with these aspects in such a way that the person experiences relief, becomes curious and is able to access their inbuilt capacity for attaining or retrieving competence and confidence

The process needs careful application though – the results can only be achieved if the caregiver remains exploratory and non-defensive and has an understanding of the therapy to guide their interventions. Also, if the therapist fails to reach the person, misses them or becomes fearful in response to them, the interaction is then not goal-corrected, both therapist and client remain distressed, and development does not proceed on the basis of core support at the centre of the self. 

At this e-learning course, we have the opportunity to learn the essentials of EGCP directly from Una McCluskey and Mark Linington (CEO at the Clinic of Dissociative Studies, London). The model is now being used for therapeutic work with individuals, couples, groups and also at The Bowlby Centre for Attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  The e-learning course will introduce delegates to the model and its practice. The emphasis will be on assessing the nature of the distress being presented and the correct application of the model. 

CPD Hours: 3

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Individual ticket for 2 year access: £60

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