In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of individuals identifying as transgender and non-binary, bringing gender into the public discussion domain. Latest figures show that up to 4.5% of adult population may identify as gender-diverse while an even higher percentage may have questions about their own gender identities – questions, that are increasingly relevant in our clinical settings as therapists.

Not only are gender-diverse individuals more likely to experience mental-health difficulties (primarily due to the profound impact of societal stigma) – but also, they are less likely to seek mental health support, expecting to be met with rejection, scepticism and lack-of-understanding.

This intellectually stimulating and practical e-learning course by Laura Scarrone Bonhomme, who specialises in Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity (LGBTQI+) and has provided support to over 300 trans, non-binary and gender-questioning individuals; aims to take us on a journey to discover the inner life and challenges of gender-diverse individuals and their loved ones. The aim is to spark sufficient compassion, interest and confidence that would allow psychotherapists and counsellors to work affirmatively with gender-clients; instead of referring them on.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • Practical strategies that address issues including:
             - Gender dysphoria: working with the continual unease a client may have due to a discrepancy between gender identity and the sex assigned at birth

  • The relationships that trans and non-binary individuals form with the mirror

              - These may manifest as higher levels of body dissatisfaction, increased likelihood of experiencing anxious and depressive symptoms, difficulties with sexual and other types of intimacy, and lower self-esteem

  • Understanding the experiences of gender-diverse individuals who transition in later life

  • Comprehending the commonly found emotions within gender work and practical strategies for managing concurrent challenges

CPD hours: 3

Ticket prices:

Individual ticket for 2 year access: £60
(note: if you face any problems booking online, please call us at 020 7096 1722)