Expressive Arts Therapy is based on the assumption that our clients can recover from trauma and / or addictions, through the process of creative expression. Defined by its emphasis on the multi-modal process of healing (exploring many combinations for creativity, rather than relying on just one art form), the approach conceptually incorporates learnings from Jungian, person-centered and Gestalt psychotherapies – while practically providing therapeutic techniques to trauma therapists and addiction specialists.

Course Schedule:

Session 1: Fundamentals of Expressive Arts Therapy in Healing Trauma

  • Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy
    • History & Definitions
    • Principles of Expressive Arts Therapy (Natalie Rogers)
    • Expressive vs. creative
  • Expressive arts and trauma-informed care
    • The neuroscience of creativity and expression
    • Enhancing possibilities in trauma-treatment
    • Case examples and discussion 

Session 2: Applications in Teaching the Skill of Grounding 

  • Defining grounding
    • Importance as a trauma-informed skill/intervention
    • Perspectives
  • Experiential expressive arts process
    • Visualization
    • Dance/movement
    • Visual Art
    • Writing
  • Implementing expressive arts interventions
    • Ideas for bolstering trauma-focused treatment plans
    • Exploring options for further training and study 

CPD Hours: 4

Ticket prices:

Individual ticket for 2 year access: £60

(note: if you face any problems booking online, please call us at 020 7096 1722)